Bringing mindfulness to your PMDD journey is a gift.

PMDD cycle days can feel overwhelming, stressful, disorienting, and lonely. They are akin to “waves” that arrive quite intensely, and then cyclically pass. Mindfulness is one supportive foundational element that can help cultivate presence to better manage the emotional, physical, and mental “waves” that come with PMDD.

In this self-paced online course, psychologist Dr. Monique Gonzalez (Dr. Mo) offers an empowering set of insights, tools, and practices that support in creating refreshed pathways of being. This can blossom into a more easeful, soft, wise response when managing the ‘chronic PMDD waves’. Dr. Mo provides an introductory understanding of mindfulness and ties in how it may support a person living with PMDD. She highlights specific mindfulness practices (from connecting with the breath to self-compassion to guided meditation) that can be implemented on a daily basis. Dr. Mo uses several creative teaching formats to support all types of learning; this includes visual aids, audio, music, email check-ins, and writing.

This course invites spaciousness to plant seeds of presence, empowerment, and self-compassion. It facilitates a pause to support PMDD wonders in accessing their inner wisdom, as well as remembering the healing that is possible in a mindful PMDD community. 

Did you know...

Mindfulness practice has been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety, depression, irritability, stress overwhelm, and severe PMS symptoms? Here are a couple studies you may be interested in reading:

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction as a Promising Intervention for Amelioration of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder Symptoms

The Effects of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy on Depression and Anxiety in Women with Premenstrual Syndrome

What does this course include?

⟡ 7 modules with multi-part video and visual graphic lessons
⟡ 3 hours total worth of video lessons
⟡ Introductory explanations of mindfulness and a variety of specific mindful practices
⟡ Considerations for setting up and sustaining mindfulness practice
⟡ Psychological insights into PMDD
⟡ Several guided mindful practices to follow along, as well as reflection prompts
⟡ Special section on self-care and self-compassion
⟡ Two guided video meditations with music
⟡ Many bonus audio meditations to support with PMDD anxiety, negative thought spirals, fatigue, irritability/anger that you can keep beyond the course; transcripts are also available 
⟡ Check-in emails from Dr. Mo 
⟡ Presentation slide deck to download
⟡ Highly curated 30 page downloadable Course Guide (PDF workbook) includes spaces to reflect on the guided practices, bonus exercises, and gentle reminders for self-compassion; can keep using forever as your heart desires
 Unlimited access (!) to flow through the modules at your pace and return to the course when your being needs it
⟡ Guided by a clinical psychologist who lives with PMDD

Dr. Mo invites you to come as your whole sacred messy self.

Dr. Mo is a clinical psychologist trained in mindfulness-based approaches. She has an extensive background in mental health services for folks struggling with anxiety and depression, as well as specialty in teaching community workshops. You are welcomed to learn more about her training here.

For many moons, Dr. Mo put forth much love, creativity, and joy into curating this course with the sincere intention of offering one more additional source of hope. This course is especially unique and blooms
 from the heart, as Dr. Mo lives with PMDD herself and knows first hand how challenging the PMDD waves can be. To her knowledge, this is the first and only known course of its kind, and she is honored to serve as a guide and fellow PMDD sibling in this learning process. Her teaching is rooted in the values of authenticity, community, cultural humility, and trauma-informed practice. She takes a simple, approachable, down to earth (and even sassy sometimes) style that embodies empathy and compassion. It is quite possible to find yourself in moments of laughter, deep curiosity, and needed tears of release during this course. Dr. Mo facilitates this as a cozy, non-judgement zone. Come as your whole sacred messy self. 

Plant seeds of ease and empowerment to flow with your PMDD waves

Research shows that self-awareness and self-compassion are key supports when managing depression, anxiety, irritability, and physical pain. In this course, you will gain new insights and skills to better attune to your PMDD needs and more compassionately, wisely respond to your cycle.

Modules and Lessons

Dr. Mo teaches in organized modules, with each building progressively upon each other. Modules include multi-part video lessons with audio and visual components, music, and captioning. Lessons feature guided practices and reflection exercises.

Course Guide

The course integrates a customized *gorgeous* Course Guide that can be downloaded (to keep forever!), fillable on your computer, and referenced throughout the course, and beyond on your PMDD journey. You will also have access to presentation slides.

Long-term Access

You'll receive unlimited access permitting you to flow at your pace. You are welcomed to return whenever your being needs it. Hopefully, this course is also just the beginning in co-creating an empowered mindful PMDD community. More to blossom in the future! 

Do you have additional questions?

Below might clarify. If there's still lingering wonderings, feel free to contact Dr. Mo

A Mindful Investment

This course is truly an investment to self. Learning mindfulness creates an invaluable shift in how we approach the practical day-to-day, take care of ourselves, and manage the significant decisions in our journey. The gift of mindfulness holds keys to insights that you will be able to tap into in every aspect of your life. It is a tremendous gift that deepens awareness, widens perspective, and nurtures relationship to self and the world.

With this said, Dr. Mo acknowledges that this offering is at a higher investment point than other types of offerings. Dr. Mo is honoring the nuanced value of her work, efforts, doctoral psychology expertise, and lived experience of disability as well as the financial reality and social inequities present in our PMDD community. She aims to provide a diverse range of community supports, such as PMDD Grounding Circles, workshops, courses, and social media/newsletter content in order to increase accessibility. For those who are able, your generous contributions support Dr. Mo in continuing to create these types of offerings for fellow PMDD siblings.

Each investment tier is for the same course offering. The three tier payment structure is created to honor the value of the course and uplift equity. It is also a practice of self-awareness and mindfulness. Check in with your finances, proximity to privilege, and ability to support self/others. Please select the rate that most fits your financial and social situation. Payment plans are available! We each contribute to the collective in our own way. You are worthy. 



Reduced Tier

This tier is for you if there are current financial barriers to being able to access the full investment price.

  • Payment plan option available: $55.50 billed over two months at no additional fee.
I am worthy of this investment.

Seeds of Presence


General Tier

This tier is for you if you are able to invest and support at the standard rate for this offering.

  • Payment plan option available: $111 billed over two months at no additional fee.
I am worthy of this investment.

Magical Generosity


Collective Care Tier

This tier is for you if you currently hold privilege that permits you to contribute towards collective care for the PMDD community. Your contribution allows Dr. Mo to honor her value, as well as sustain an accessibility tier.

I am worthy of this investment.

An invitation to show up for yourself, dear PMDD wonder.

Join Dr. Mo in learning how to cultivate presence, self-compassion, and empowerment on your PMDD journey.

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